Growing Veg Since The 17th Century

Barton Fields Allotments is a long established allotment site that has been at the heart of Barton families for generations. Situated off of Barton Village Road where Barton Manor, a listed 17th century house still stands, the site has an avenue of apple trees as its centrepiece. The hamlet of Barton was well established by 1246 and known as Old Barton. Some of our members are following the tradition of their parents and grandparents in tending their allotments.

The Committee

Janet Woodman

Plot 147 – 07538123454

Michael Evans

Plots 174/175 – 07931295270

Jenny Wright


Janette Washington

Plot 182 – 07795263383

Thomas Weissensteiner

Plot 203U.

Dave Leggett

Plots / 180L/181L

David Washington

Plots 182/184a

Stephen Leggett

Plots 151 / 201

Polly Whitworth and Sid Abbey

Plot 154L

Dave Spriggs

Plots 171/172/173

Nigel Wellman

Jordan Leggatt

Jen Hicks

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